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Group Work - Beginner Level
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x_erikah_x wrote in erika_esl_files
I've been away for some time. Sorry, a lot of work. Lately, I've been developing a series of group works for my beginner students so they can talk more. So far it's been a success. They cover each unit of the course book in the school I work, starting from zero English knowledge to intermediate level.

The lesson from today is destined to students that have just started learning English. It basically covers only names and nicknames. It is programmed for a 90 minute class, but it varies according to group.

Note: This lesson plan can be easily adapted to work with countries and nationalities.

Part 1 – 15 to 20 Minutes

* In groups, discuss and make a list of common names and nicknames
* Add uncommon names and nicknames to the list

Part 2 – 15 to 20 Minutes

* Create an exercise with the names and nicknames. Examples:
--- Divide them into columns for matching
--- Scramble them: Natalia > aantail
--- Make a crossword puzzle
--- Make a word search

Part 3 – 15 to 20 Minutes

* Trade papers and try to solve your classmates’ activities

Part 4 – 15 to 20 Minutes

* Discuss the new list of names, matching names and nicknames
* Discuss about uncommon names from the list and if you have heard of them


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