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English Course for Absolute Beginners - Second Class
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x_erikah_x wrote in erika_esl_files
This is Day 2 of my English Course for Absolute Beginners series. The course doesn't use any course book. If you missed the first class click here.

Second Class:

- Review classroom expressions. You can show realia and/or flashcards and ask students to say the expression related to it. For example, show a glass of water and have them ask: "May I drink some water, please?".

- Introduce yourself saying 'I am .........'. First in normal speed, then repeat it word by word. Point at students and have them say their names. Practice a few of times with each student. Some will need more practice than others. Focus on the slower students.

- Point at each student and say their names: 'You are ..........'. First normal speed, then word by word. Have them do the same with their classmates. Practice 'I am' and 'you are' a few more times with them then ask them to practice among themselves.

- Point at a male student and tell the class 'he is ..........'. Have the students repeat as a class, then one by one. Go over all the males in the class. If you don't have enough male students, you can use pictures of famous celebrities.

- Do the same as above, but with the females. Practice the difference between 'he' and 'she' until all the students have grasped it. Then continue and add 'you' and 'I' to the practice. You eventually reach a point when you will only need to use hand gestures to have them say the correct sentence.

- Wave at all the students and yourself and say 'we are (nationality)'. Have them repeat as a class, then one by one. Go over all the other personal pronouns again, student by student. You can also sit down with the students, pretend you are one of them say 'we are students', you can sit with only females and say 'We are girls' and so on.

- Point outside and say 'they are (teachers)', you can tell the names of the other teachers to make the meaning of the word clear. Or show several pictures of famous people and say 'they are (actors, singers, names, etc)'. Practice with students. Give a few moments for them to practice in pairs or trios. Hand them flashcards of famous people and tell them to say their names practicing 'He is...', 'She is...', 'They are...'.

- Point at students and say 'you are students' (plural). Have them understand that 'you' can be used both in the plural and singular.

- Drill all the pronouns until the students have memorized.

- Write all the sentences on the board for the students to copy if you haven't already. Tell them to practice at home. You can hand them a worksheet as homework.

- You can end the class with a game. Signal and tell them to stand up. Point to yourself and say 'I am (name)'. Then stand in the line as one of the students and say 'I am (made up name) and she is (your real name)'. Point to your students and show that the purpose of the game is for them to say their name then point at each student and say the names of all the classmates that already said their names before them. When they run out of names tell them to continue inventing names or using names of famous people. When a student makes a mistake they sit down. Continue until there is only one student left standing.

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