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English Course for Absolute Beginners - Third Class
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x_erikah_x wrote in erika_esl_files
This is Day 3 of my English Course for Absolute Beginners series. The course doesn't use any course book. If you missed the first class click here.

Third Class:

- Review all the pronouns with each student, and as a class. Use games or warm ups.

- Introduce interrogative and negative forms by asking one student, pretending you are confused, 'are you (wrong name)?'. When the student corrects you (better done with a fast learner), pretend you remembered the right name and say 'oh right, you aren't (wrong name), you are (correct name)'. Repeat it again with the same student and have him/her repeat the correct full answer. Do this with each student in class. Give them a few moments to practice in pairs.

- Move to interrogative forms of 'he' and 'she'. 'Is she (wrong name)?' 'No, she isn't (wrong name), she is (correct name).' Practice as a class, then individually, then tell them to practice in pairs.

- Repeat as many times as necessary to make the point clear.

- Tell the students to stand up and tell to do the same but in a cocktail format. You can tell them they are in a party with a lot of famous people and they need to know all the names of the other students. Give each of them a piece of paper with a the name of a famous person and explain they will take their roles. Have the students ask each other the questions. Go around the class a few times, helping the slow students, but not asking the full question for them.

- You can introduce 'who' questions now. Ask a student 'who are you?' and have him answer. You can model the answer first by saying 'I am (name), who are you?'. Practice with the rest of the class and the other pronouns. You can use pictures of famous people and ask 'who is he/she?'. Give them a few moments to practice in pairs. Give them the flashcards so they can use.

- Write all the questions and answers on the board for the students to copy, if they wish. If the class is fast enough, and if you have time, just write the answer for the first one and have them answer the rest by themselves. Correct as a class and check the answers of the slower students if necessary. You can also use this time to hand them worksheets to work in class or as homework.

- Review all the pronouns taught, affirmative, interrogative and negative forms, by the end of the class.

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