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English Course for Absolute Beginners - Fourth Class
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This is Day 4 of my English Course for Absolute Beginners series. The course doesn't use any course book. If you missed the first class click here.

Fourth Class:

- Review 'who' questions, affirmative and negative forms. Have the students practice making the questions as well as answering. They can do this with each other as a game. Use a ball (it can be made of paper) and throw it to one student and ask the first question (it can be a 'who' question, or 'is he/she (name)?'). They throw the ball to each other and ask/answer questions. Feel free to use different kinds of games or warm ups.

- Use realia to introduce objects in the classroom. 'What's this?' 'It is a pen.' Ask the students and have them repeat the name of each object, and stress the use of it. Introduce all objects in the classroom, including window, door, TV, computer, air conditioned, etc.

- Recall the objects with students as a class, then individually or in pairs/trios.

- Continue with the game, now including the new vocabulary as well, or use a different one. Chinese whispers could be fun at this stage.

- When the students are good enough with all the topics taught so far, put the question ('what's this?') in the board and the names of the objects (you can draw small figures to indicate each object, if you like).

- You can introduce another written exercise about classroom objects (match, name the object, etc.) and about verb to be.

- End class with a review about everything.

Proceed to Day 5.


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