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English Course for Absolute Beginners - Fifth Class
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x_erikah_x wrote in erika_esl_files
This is Day 5 of my English Course for Absolute Beginners series. The course doesn't use any course book. If you missed the first class click here.

Fifth Class:

- Remember the objects and verb to be with the students. Use games and warm ups.

- Introduce your full name by writing it on the board, then go through first name, middle name, last name, nickname and full name, using yours as an example. 'My full name is........' Use hand gestures and point/wave at your full name. Then, repeat all the sentences, stressing each and every word.

- Ask a student 'what's your full name?'. Remember that you can model the answer by saying your full name first, then asking the question. Ask each student for all of their names and nicknames.

- Ask random questions to random students until most of them grasp the answers.

- Make the students ask names to each other.

- Put the questions and one or all answers on the board as a copy/answer/complete exercise, if you wish.

- You can go over more written exercises of your choice, if you like.

- Indicate a student and introduce his/her name. First saying in normal speed, then stressing each word, particularly the 'his/her'. Repeat questions a few times with the students, especially the slower ones. Go over first name, middle name, last name, nickname and full name with all of them.

- Write the new words on the board (his/her). You can make more written exercises if you like, or give them as homework.

- Give them some pictures of famous people and have them, in pairs, practice asking and answering questions until the end of class.

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