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English Course for Absolute Beginners - Seventh Class
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x_erikah_x wrote in erika_esl_files
This is Day 7 of my English Course for Absolute Beginners series. The course doesn't use any course book. If you missed the first class click here.

Seventh Class:

- Start class by having small dialogs with the students, similar to the previous class' dialog.

- Include 'to be', 'who' and names questions. Don't forget to ask how they are today and you can have them present each other to you or to the other classmates.

- You can now introduce reading to them. Read them a simple text of a person introducing herself/himself and some other people, then ask them some questions to feel their level of understanding.

- If you wish, make a handout to give them, though it is best if you read the text before handing the written text to test their listening skills. Ask them to answer questions related to the text.

- Tell students to write similar texts introducing themselves. After they are done, pair up students so they can read their paragraphs to each other.

- Change pairs. Students now have to interview each other and take notes to write texts presenting their classmate.

- They read the produced texts at the end of the class.


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