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SW: join the dark side
x_erikah_x wrote in erika_esl_files
Hello, everyone. Is anybody still watching this comm? I just realised that my last post was three years ago almost to the date. Sorry. I haven't had internet at home since my last update and my time at work is usually spent in so much rush I rarely have time to think about updating this comm. I've been putting it away in order to do different things since I do more than just teach, eat and sleep in my life, regardless of what my students think.

I plan on reviving this community again and I'd like to have all the help I can get to advertise it so we can get more people interested in what I post and hopefully spread the word more. This way it's also more likely I'll get a kick in my butt if I happen to let this comm slip into oblivion again.

I plan on posting more than just lessons plans and worksheets here. I'd like to share my experiences and try to offer some tips and open free discussions on some topics. I would like to hear the voice of other teachers and read your thoughts on what you would be interested in seeing here. Consider this post an open space to do that.


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